Poor Common is an insignificant patch of scrub and woodland. Its geography typical of cities and towns through out the UK and encroached by humanity in all its forms: roads, houses – people. Like many open spaces, it is a welcome pocket of green in an expanding urban environment and seemingly of little consequence. However, the disappearance of a young child from a house with direct access to this tiny swathe, catapults it to global interest.

The Police on the whole are convinced they have their man; a modern monster hiding within the fabric of society. Proof though, is the problem for Inspector Patrick Stimpson. A solid copper and naturally suspicious, he is totally unprepared for the reality check that would later be inflicted upon him.

Tony Nash, Forest Ranger, self confessed outdoorsman, tanned and gently weathered, has his own mystery. With a good working knowledge of what to expect from the relatively benign local wildlife, he is increasingly concerned as disquieting rumours about animals being clinically predated upon, become reality. The conclusions he draws are ominously disturbing, and not just for the local residents. Long term, the potential repercussions would be devastating to the natural order of this green and pleasant land we call home. With so much at stake, he is surprisingly reluctant to come forward?

As the media stirs up Tony’s past, the two men eventually cross-swords; the Ranger, relegated to near nutter status by the Inspector, is equally contemptuous. However, in an effort to unlock the secret of Poor Common, they must form an unlikely alliance.


A work of fiction...? The reality is only a headline away from happening.

And when it does - you might never let your kids out again!

Modern speculative fiction of natural menace.

Scriblings so far

Un-natural Selection (book)

Holding out for a Hero (book project)

Passport to Sanity (short story)

A Virtual Miracle (short story)

The Pool of Peace (short story)

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